I love Superman, I love every version of Superman. Whether it’s tv and movies or comic book versions of Superman.

I’m talking anything from movies and television including George Reeves Superman, Christopher Reeves Superman to comic book artists versions of Superman including: Curt Swans Superman, Jerry Ordways Superman, John Byrnes Superman to Tom Grummets version to Gary Franks Superman. i’m all over the place when it comes to the Man of Steel.

This 8 inch custom figure created by Captain Mego just nails Superman. It feels like a cross between an older version combined with an animated version. The custom body fits this figure like no other, the fists are perfect and not to small like other customs I have seen and the boots are off the hook cool  and the fabric, man the colors on this figure just shine. Especially the blue fabric.

Captain Mego you are the king!




The state of 8 inch mego like customs..

I believe the state of 8 inch mego like customs is in a state of flux right now. Honestly, I haven’t seen much lately that I absolutely love and the only one putting out great stuff is Captain Mego.


If your going to create art please make sure for gods sake it looks decent. Not a custom with bulged out legs, or a Captain America head that looks like a deer in the head lights of a car who is about to get splattered all over the highway. People are spending a lot of money on what they consider a form of ”art work” and just not getting a truly amazing piece.

The argument used to be at least your getting an original sculpt but if it looks like shit then use a head that’s from somewhere else, whether its a head shrink or an enlargement I do not care! Just make it look good.. I think I can say for the majority of people that if your spending the money, you want a good looking head on your custom.

The other issue is that people are afraid to tell the truth and the customizers do not take constructive criticism well at all. If you tell someone for years their legs are to bulgy I think you need to re-evaluate what your making. I have never bought a custom “hero” from one of the well known customizers and yes there is a reason for that, it is because the human head sculpts being created are awful. I’ve talked to a half a dozen people over the last few weeks regarding this issue and they honestly feel the same. but god forbid you tell the truth to the customizer because they do not take it well at all.

I saw a deadpool from Captain Mego and it was awesome. However, I felt the thighs were slightly to big, and holy shit he agreed with me and he changed it. You will never guess what happened? Cap then created probably the best custom body I have ever seen. Well done Chris!

People work hard for their money, whether it’s $100.00 or $200.00 or $350.00 or more people should get what they pay for! I think people are tired of spending money and getting a sub par figure, I know i am! A good friend of mine Rob bought a figure from another well known customizer and the thing was broken and basically falling apart. The same thing happened to me years ago with a Green Lantern I bought, the body was tied together with a rubber band and over the years the rubber band disintegrated and the figure fell apart.

Captain Mego pushes the limits on what is out there and is constantly improving his builds. You never have to worry about getting a sub par figure! Fellow collectors I have some advise. Save your money do not buy crap. Wait for something truly amazing and when you get it in the mail, it will be awesome and you will be truly happy (not disgusted) with your purchase!



***This is my own personal opinion on what is currently on the market and only influenced by what I have seen and held and not influenced by anyone else***


There was a disaster. (MegoMuseum I feel your pain) My old webhost corrupted my SQL database and for some reason could not restore from backup.

However, I do have a full backup of all my pictures, posts etc. So we will be back up and running soon.

For now here is a sample of what’s to come.


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