Just a word of warning to any Flatt buyers out there. The following seller on ebay magic678dog has listed two Flatts for auction and has stolen pictures from this site.

Here is the link!

When a buyer will not take pictures of his own items there is obviously something wrong.

Update: 05/10/2015:

So I have been emailing with this seller on ebay and I have kept my cool. Throughout the conversation he has called me a retard, an Idiot and a few other names. He sees no problem with taking other peoples photos and posting as his own. He did however change the text on his auction to say “These are stock photos, the figures for sale are exactly the same.” So I guess that’s something.

I’ve spent years paying for and hosting a website dedicated to The art of Charlee Flatt, now keep in mind I did not take all the photos on this site but the pictures I have on this site have been given to me and I have their owners permission to use them. When someone is lazy enough to not even take photos of figures they are selling and just blatantly steal photos from this website it really aggravates me.

So please if you are even thinking about buying from this guy, keep the above information in mind.

If anyone else wants to use photos from this site have some common courtesy to email me, most of the time it is not a problem.


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I just wanted to post something since it has been awhile. I have had a few problems with the website. The site navigation was pretty much broken as well as links not working. I have fixed 95% of the issues. However, some functions at the moment I just do not have the time to fix. For example I doubt the forums will be back. Some regular pages also became corrupt. Please bear with me while I continue to fix the issues.

I do have the ability and functionality to post more pictures and updates which I will try and do more often.

This is also just a reminder that we are always buying Customs. Especially anything Charlee Flatt, Captain Mego or Troy Younger related! We have bought a couple collections over the past few months and hope to post pictures soon. If anyone has anything for sale please email us and we will get back to you asap.

Paying top dollar.

Thanks and Happy Holidays



Enjoy a new Killer Flatt collection!

Pictures sent from a friend of the site, and a loyal fan of Charlee Flatt’s artistry!
Custom display case by Jason Karawan







A brief history.

In late 2008 Mattel launched their new line of Masters of the universe figures. I have been in this line from the beginning give or take. I never purchased the sdcc exclusives of King Grayskull (Regular and Bronze) before the actual subscription service started but I was part of the subscription service from the beginning. I remember getting He-Man in the mail and I was blown away, new sculpts and new parts for a new modern line. The four horsemen and Mattel outdid themselves. Since then, this line has grown to be one of my favorite lines of all time.

I’ve collected vintage Masters of The Universe as a kid, vintage star wars, modern gijoe, Transformers Vintage and modern, Marvel legends, DC universe classics and many many others. (Anyone remember Visionaries?). But none of those lines remind me of my childhood like Masters of the Universe.

I would wake up in the morning before school and watch He-man, I think Voltron was also on either before or after it as well as Scooby Doo. I mean were going back to the early 1980’s. I also collected the New Adventures of He-man (they were in space), and even watched when the cartoon was on in the early 2000’s. But they didn’t reel me in like the Classics line has.

The line has been going since 2008 and were now going into 2015. The toy line is a subscription service from Mattel. So you get a couple figures a month at about 27.00 a piece for the figures. 2015 will complete our Toy Line. The problem is were at 77% toward getting the subscription renewed. We need to be at 100 % by the 18th of August. There has been some issues, some quality control issues and lets not forget digital river (the company who takes our credit card orders) they were a nightmare but for the most part the issues have been fixed. Quite frankly in my opinion Mattel has done a great job.

I implore you if your on the fence please subscribe! We need to finish this line and get the remaining figures from the Vintage line! I’m even in for a second subscription just to help out.

Ladies and gentlemen lets get this done!

Subscribe here!


I grew up in the 80’s and the 90’s and had most of the action figure lines that were out at the time. The obvious ones of course are G.I. Joe, Transformers, Masters of the Universe and then the not so obvious ones Captain power, Visionaries and The Power Lords (Among just a few)

The Four Horsemen have acquired the license and have brought us brand new Power Lords! All new sculpts and they are in a new scale. Tonight I’m showing you Adam Power and his counterpart Lord Power the leader of the Power Lords.

The original figure from the 80’s had a action feature that would transform Adam Power into his blue counterpart Lord Power. For this line you have to buy two figures to complete the transformation of Adam Power into the blue Lord Power.

I’m not going to go in much detail as I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves. The sculpts on these guys are amazing, I have taken a close up shot of Adam Power so you guys can see the detail. Some parts are interchangeable as you can also see.

The new power Lords can be bought from the Four Horsemen at their website





 power1  power2
 power3  power4
 power5  power6
 power7  power8
 power9  power10
 power11  power12




I have always wanted a flattworld Zorro, this was the original Zorro that was presented to Sony to get the rights to the Zorro License. Thanks to Cal Weaver for sending these to me!

And a new pic of the phantoms as it went through its stages and a picture of the Frank N Furter head sculpt.


I would like to take a moment and reflect on the life of a great guy. Ahmed was a mego collector and a custom 8 inch action figure collector for many many years, We got to know each other because of Charlee Flatt customs. In fact, I believe he was a buyer of Charlee Flatt customs even before I was. We both loved the shit out of them. Ahmed back then loved them more then i did and that is saying something.

The one thing i will always remember about Ahmed Abdoo was his enthusiasm for the 8 inch action figures. “Wow man you see the head sculpt on this figure!” or “damn Charlees carnage is freakin awesome!”.

You could also tell he loved his family and his business, he loved his son especially, I remember it would always go back to man i’m buying these for my son or these will be a great investment for my son. We talked hours one night about various card games and at the time i will still playing magic the gathering. How cool would it be to grab a burger and play a game with Ahmed! Unfortunately i never got the chance to.

We could go a couple years without talking and i would send him an email. Hey man you have any flatts for sale?! Ahmed would always respond and be the nicest guy. At some point if i was being emailed by the same guy i would probably be like yo dude, nothing for sale FUCK off! Ahmed was never like that. He was always the nicest, kindest person and he will be missed, especially in the custom community.

My heart sincerely goes out to the Abdoo family, He was truly one of the nicest guys i have ever known.

RIP Ahmed we will be thinking about you!

Below is a link to Ahmeds collection if anyone wants to take a look.




A buddy of mine from Germany sent in pictures of his Charlee Flatt figure collection and it is quite impressive! Expecially with those killer display cases. Thanks for sending in pics Michael!

Foto 001 Foto 002
Foto 003 Foto 004
Foto 005 Foto 006
Foto 007 Foto 008
Foto-009 Foto-010